Why Choose Us

Specialist Infant Teachers

Infants need specialist care from
well-trained, caring and nurturing
teachers - and we pride ourselves on this.

Transition to School Programme

The shift from kindergarten to school can
be daunting, even for the happiest child.
We ensure our Piccolini™ kids gain the
knowledge and know-how to transition
with confidence.

Play Led Learning

Our style of learning incorporates play and
fun to help our kids make sense of the
world, learning compassion and social skills
along the way.

Extensive and Spacious

Our newly renovated playcentres are
uncrowded, clean and aesthetically pleasing.
They boast large natural playgrounds to
encourage exploration and discovery which
cater to our small-group approach.

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We share the same goal as you - to provide the best for your child in a nurturing, caring and happy learning environment. To find out more get in touch - we’d love to hear from you.

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